Friday, July 4, 2008

If You're Looking for a Second Job Selling Hot Dogs

So for $500 you can cook.....a 25 cent hot dog? Who wakes up one day and says "Now, the real problem is I don't have a pot to cook hotdogs, a tray to serve them on, or bottles to hold condiments, so I really need a hot dog cart!"
"There's nothing like this full-service pushcart to deliver nostalgic charm and modern convenience. It comes complete with a hot dog roller, two lidded steaming/warming trays, a beverage cooler, three inserts for condiments such as chili and sauerkraut, and a service shelf."

Is this why people have 5 car garages to store this junk? Perhaps they keep it next to the popcorn pushcart or the organ grinder and monkey.
A bit overboard? Ok, how about this one. Where do you keep this? Under the counter next to the single-use margarita maker (aka blender)? I suppose if you don't already have a pot to hold 8 hotdogs....?

Still too much? Ok, the countertop version.....this means you can get rid of your toaster I guess...if you're willing to shove the bread into the round holes.

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