Sunday, July 6, 2008

If R2-D2 Catered Your Next Party

Look at this. Even if you can rationalize needing it, you have to apply the "drunk guest rule" (will someone knock this over and bust it) and the "frat boy rule" (how much harassment are you going to get for something that looks this stupid). $400.

"Chill out with an innovative and portable outdoor refrigerator. Keep plenty of cold drinks handy for guests with a rolling fridge that also doubles as a mini service area. Simply plug it in and fill it with your favorite beverages. With ample storage, you and your guests will have nicely chilled drinks all party long. Order your outdoor fridge today and be the coolest host in the neighborhood!"

Note the cord that makes it work (and the big ugly orange extension cord you'll need) is invisible in the photo. I'll bet you someone trips on it in the first 2 minutes.

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1 comment:

Claire said...

What's wrong with the old plastic cooler in the back of the shed w/ just a few cobwebs that need to be washed off?