Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Too Lazy to Turn a Stick.....

Lazy kids are the most annoying. Here's something that rotates your marshmallows for you. Isn't the point of marshmallow toasting finding a stick, whittling it without cutting yourself, holding over fire, setting it on fire, having your dad tell you to put it over the coals instead, trying again, having the stick droop and you get ash on your marshmallow....? That's the way I remember it!

"Perfectly toasted marshmallows are only a push-button away with our automatic, hand-held rotisserie! This ingenious handy gadget features three revolving prongs so you can evenly cook three marshmallows at once over the heat source of your choice. So grab a bag, make your own s'mores or simply enjoy the gooey, sweet treats all by themselves -- yum! A fun finish for outdoor barbeques and a special treat over an indoor fire. Great for camping, too! A perfect gift for Dad and a must for anyone who loves outdoor entertaining. Takes 4 AA batteries. Measures 18-1/2" long."

My fires were always too big/hot for 18 inches to be far enough away to keep from getting burned.

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