Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Your Nose Bored?

I have to wonder if this is made up to make women look stupid. Febreeze "Scentstories!" Cute pun. It seems to be a "CD" player that plays cards that have smelly spots on them. If you want nice smells, aren't there really small, simple, low profile options that go right in the outlet. I appreciate that candles are dangerous but, this is astonishingly superfluous. Someone who has the extra $30 for this should give it to the soup kitchen. Explain to me why you need a smelly CD player more than someone needs a meal.
"Play scents like you play music: Select the disc you want to play, insert it into the player, close the lid and push play. As the disc plays, a quiet fan rotates through five scents, one every 30 minutes over the course of 2.5 hours. The player shuts off automatically after all five scents have been played. You can stop the player or skip through the scent tracks at any time. Discs are interchangeable and reusable. Each disc theme uses five complementary scents to create a rich, engaging scent experience. Because the scents change every 30 minutes, your nose never gets bored."

You have to read some of the comments for added humor.

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