Friday, August 8, 2008

I Think This is a Joke...right?

I truly hope no one really feels a need for this product - an automatic tape dispenser.

"Why waste time yanking and slicing your own tape off a roll when you could have our Electronic Tape Dispenser do it for you? Now that's efficiency! Simply push a button and the tape comes out automatically -- you can even adjust the length of the pieces. Here at Wishingfish we do a LOT of taping -- this little guy's our fave new office gadget! The hi-tech primary colors brighten any desk, and the transparent case shows off the inner workings. You'll find yourself watching with glee as the gears spin! Features suction cups on the base to keep it in place. Great for crafts and wrapping gifts! Requires 4 AA batteries "

I think the requirement for batteries is a pretty good way to know if you're getting something you don't need. The Scotch tape pop-ups are more expensive to buy but don't require batteries and are designed for the one time you really need a one-handed operation - gift wrapping.

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