Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monogram Your Future Trash!

I have never ever understood "guest towels." These are basically heavy grade paper napkins you put in the powder room for hand-drying. They say to me, "Thanks for visiting my home, but I don't want your grubby hands - that you maybe only rinsed and didn't use soap on - to dirty my pretty cloth towels I hung nearby only for decor and anyway I put so much fabric softener in that they don't absorb any water anyway." These you can buy with a monogram!

What's wrong with a regular, you know, CLOTH towel?! It's one of those "if you're the kind of person who would buy this wouldn't you have classier friends than those who wouldn't use soap and who would have a maid to wash the towels?" 50 napkins for $30. That would buy you a few hand towels with years of use in them!

If you're having lots of people over, put out 2 or 3 towels! Cuz, yeah, you don't want to find a damp, crumpled one is the only towel in the bathroom. (OK, let's review: yes, you have to replace your personal bath towel with clean fresh hand towels if you're having guests over and just have the one bathroom! Geez, people, spend $5 at BedBath&Beyond for some grownup hand towels!)

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