Monday, June 23, 2008

Kitchen Laziness and Single Purpose Items

So many postings to be done on this topic. I am not a fan of anything that has only one purpose. Takes up space, has to be FOUND when you need it, can't do anything else - no versatility.

Now, lemon juice is great from a lemon. Who knew it was so hard for people!? This first one I saw at Williams Sonoma and could not believe it. Who has trouble with that one lemon slice? Do you have to buy one per person at your party or do you have to reload it and walk around table dispensing lemon juice?

Here's another one.

Someone else has found even stupider version....

What America's Test Kitchen has to say about squeezers....(hint, a fork works pretty well!)

And another place an already-owned item (slotted spoon) works well if you're not capable of separating an egg by pouring it back and forth between the egg shell halves. Or you can spend money on this and then loose it in the back of the drawer.

I am baffled by this too. Either you put stuff in the garbage can or disposal or maybe a sac to take to compost. If you want to put in a bowl, why do you need a SPECIAL BOWL?

"Made of durable melamine, garbage bowl comes in handy when you're cooking up your favorite dishes. Just throw skins, pits and what-not right in the bowl to keep your countertop clean."

Apparently even garbage has to be handled gingerly.
"This multipurpose scoop and stopper comes in very handy in the kitchen. Made of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer, Clean 'n Stuff is made to be rigid enough to force waste through the disposal splash guard, but at the same time is soft enough to protect your sink and cookware from scratches. It has a secure and comfortable grip so you can easily gather and stuff sink waste into the garbage disposal without touching the waste itself."

I didn't know that a bowl and a measuring spoon were so inadequate for making pancakes!

I didn't know making hamburger patties was so difficult that you needed a special gizmo. I think you also get little plastic tubs like that all the time when you buy stuff at the store. Why buy something when you're already getting it for free?

I love that this variant is "hand wash". Great.

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